Coaching (August)

Method Lithograph
Artist William Nicholson
Published Popular edition 1897 (post-dated 1898) William Heinemann
Dimensions Image 198 x 196 mm
Notes From Nicholson's Almanac of Twelve Sports.

Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson (1872 - 1949) was a British artist. A painter of landscapes, still life, and portraits most notably, he is also remembered for his distinctive illustrative work and for his creative partnership with his brother-in-law, James Pryde.

Nicholson studied at Hubert von Herkomer's art school and it was here that he met James Pryde and his sister Mabel, whom Nicholson later married. The pair collaborated under the pseudonym "Beggarstaff" producing fine graphical works and posters. Their work was influential in its design and had an important impact on the poster art movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
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