Charte uber die XIII vereinigte Staaten von Nord-America

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Homann Heirs
Published Entworfen durch F.L. Guffefeld und her ausgegeben von den Homaennischen Erben. Mit Romisch Kaysers Allergn. Freisheit Ao. 1784 [Paris, 1784]
Dimensions 445 x 572 mm
Notes A map of the east coast of north America, printed the year after the conclusion of the American revolutionary war, from the Homann Heirs' Maior Atlas Superiore. The Thirteen States of the newly formed Union are washed in full hand colour, while borders of adjoining territories are outlined, including the British territories in Canada, the French Louisiana, and Florida, which after a brief time under British control was once again ceded to Spain following the British defeat in 1783. The territories of Georgia and the Carolinas are tentatively extended to the Mississippi. Maine is still shown as part of Massachusetts, though Cape Cod is shown as part of Rhode Island. Off the coast, a large oval title cartouche features a caduceus, a sword, and a broad brimmed hat.

Johann Baptist Homann (20th March 1664 - 1st July 1724) was a German engraver and cartographer, and the Imperial Geographer to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI. In 1702 he opened a publishing house in Nuremberg, and his maps often make reference to his membership of the Prussian Royal Academy of Sciences and his imperial patronage. Upon his death, his maps passed to the Homann Heirs company and reprinted many times before the company closed in 1848.

Condition: Central vertical fold, as issued. Printer's crease to bottom right of central fold. Trimmed to plate mark on left and right margin, as issued. Minor time toning to margins. Creases to top right corner of sheet, not affecting map.
Framing unmounted
Price £1,000.00
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