Chôsen Hôtô kaisen Nichigun daishôri: The Japanese Fleet Wins a Great Naval Victory near Phung-to in Korea

Method Woodblock (nishiki-e)
Artist Nagashima Shungyô (active 1882-1905)
Published 1894
Dimensions Vertical ôban triptych; each sheet 37 x 24.5 cm (14 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.)
Notes Signature: Ôju Môsai Shungyô
Publisher: Hasegawa Tsunejirô

A dramatic triptych of a naval battle during the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895). Within the scene we see several large ships, a large explosion is seen to the right, with several figures fleeing the ship in the waters surrounding it. Dramatic canon fire is coming from the Japanese ship in the foreground, with small boats in the background ferrying Japanese naval officers to commandeer the enemy ships.

Nagashima Shungyô (active 1882-1905) was a Japanese artist and printer. The son of Utagawa Yoshitora (active from 1850-1880), he is most known for his military and naval battle scene woodblocks.

Condition: Some time toning to sheet, three separate panels to form a triptych.
Framing mounted
Price £400.00
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