Carte Du Monde avec Indication des Colonies Francaises, des Terrains Cultivables, des Courants Marin, etc.

Method Chromolithograph
Artist Erhard
Published Grave et Imprime par Erhard. Berger-Levrault et Cie. Editeurs. Geographie de A. Marga (1ere Partie) [Paris, c.1910]
Dimensions 242 x 350 mm
Notes An early twentieth century French map of the World, with a particular focus on the French colonies, cultivatable land, and the movement of ocean currents. The political geography of the globe is relatively sparse, with simple regional and continental titles included, but few individual countries or their borders shown. French held territories as well as key trading cities are shown, with those under French jurisdiction either outlined or underlined in red. Sea Routes and communication channels are also shown as dashed red lines. Ocean currents are mapped as dark blue lined areas, and cultivatable land is shaded in patches of lighter and darker dots to demonstrate yield. The map follows a Mercator Projection, with sections of the Arctic and Antarctic included, but with a number of omissions, illustrating the extent of polar exploration at the time of publication. The geography is attributed to an 'A. Marga,' and the map was engraved by an unknown 'Erhard' for the Paris based publishers Berger, Levrault, and Company.

Condition: Central vertical fold, as issued. Creasing to bottom right corner of map. Small tear to bottom of central fold, not affecting map. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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