Cape of Good Hope

Method Copper engraving and etching with hand colouring
Artist Samuel Rawle after C. Thomas
Published Published by J. Sewell 31 Cornhill April. 1. 1800
Dimensions Image 96 x 160 mm, Sheet 126 x 186 mm
Notes A view of the cape featuring various boats at sea on the foreground, with names of the boats inscribed below the title: "An American Trader", "Danish Trader", "Country Trader", "Aniston East Indiaman" and "Rattle Snake Ship", from "The European Magazine".

Inscription below image: "Drawn on the spot by C. Thomas of the Ceres./ Engraved by S . Rawle"

Samuel Rawle (1771 - 1860) was a British engraver and draughtsman, known principally for his engravings for The European Magazine and The Gentleman's Magazine. He also worked on many topographic series and landscapes, including Murphy's Arabian Antiquities of Spain, Wilkinson's Londinia Illustrata, and Hakewill's Picturesque Tour of Italy.

The Cape of Good Hope is one of the most significant and famous navigational points in the history of seafaring. Although traditionally believed to be the southernmost point of the continent of Africa, and thus the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the cape is actually on the southern Atlantic coast of modern-day South Africa. The discovery and navigation of the Cape is usually attested to the Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias, who christened it the 'Cape of Storms' on the 12th of March 1488. In fact, the Cape may have been known apocryphally in the classical era, in connection with the Ptolemaic navigator Eudoxus of Cyzicus, who, after being blown off course down the eastern coast of Africa, met the wreck of a ship from Gades coming North. His belief that the ship had completed a circumnavigation of the continent led to his own attempt, which likely resulted in his death. Regardless of its original discoverer, following Dias, the Cape became a vital supply point for ships travelling to the East Indies, and by the 17th century, was a favourite refuelling point for the 'Pirate Round.'

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