Canaan, Illustrating the Books of Joshua & Judges

Method Copper engraved
Artist Thomson, John
Published [Drawn under the direction of M. Arrowsmith. Thomson sculpt. Published for the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, by M. Rivington, St Paul's Church Yard, London, November 1st. 1816.]
Dimensions 245 x 198 mm
Notes An early nineteenth century map of the Holy Land, published by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK). The map shows the lands of the Bible, ranging from the Sinai to Sidon, and encompassing parts of modern day Egypt, Israel and Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The map specifically focusses on the Land of Canaan at the time of the Old Testament Books of Joshua and Judges. The territories of the sons of Jacob are shown prominently, while a note below the title discusses the two main rivers identified with the biblical 'River of Egypt' by modern geographers.

The Society for promoting Christian Knowledge is the oldest Anglican mission organisation, having been founded in 1698 to spread knowledge of Christianity, in response to a perceived growth in 'vice and immorality' in late seventeenth century Britain. The Society aimed to promote Christianity through the publication of Christian educational material and the opening of schools and libraries. At present, it remains the largest publisher of Christian material in the United Kingdom.

John Thomson (1777-c.1840) was a Scottish cartographer, active in Edinburgh and London, best known for Thomson's New General Atlas. He is often confused with John Thomson (1785-1866) the wood-engraver, most famous for engraving the plate of Britannia used on British bank notes.

The Arrowsmiths were a family of English mapmakers. The business was founded by Aaron Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to the Prince of Wales in c. 1810 and subsequently to the King in 1820. He was joined in 1810 by his nephew John Arrowsmith. After Aaron died in 1823, the business was continued by his sons Aaron Jr. and Samuel, who ran it until John took over the entire business. In 1863 he received the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society, of which body he was one of the founders.

Condition: Trimmed to border of map, with loss of publication line. Surface dirt and minor toning. Creasing to top and bottom left corners of sheet.
Framing unmounted
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