[Botanical Design]

Method Woodblock (nishiki-e)
Artist After Ito Jakuchu (1715 - 1800)
Published c.1890-1908
Dimensions Shikishiban [~9.5 x 10 inches]
Notes Artists seal: Jakuchu
Publisher: Unsodo
Series: Jakuchu Gafu
Engraver: Nakamura Busuke
Printer: Kanda Shozaburo and Ota Tomeshichi

A white flower and leaf design from 'Kaki-Tenjoga', 'Flowering Plants' ceiling paintings from Shingyouji temple in Kyoto.

Jakuchu gafu is a series of books containing twenty-five colour illustrations of seasonal flowers within a circular cartouche. They were produced after the original ceiling paintings on wood by the artist in the Shingyouji temple in Kyoto.

Ito Jakuchu (1715 - 1800) was a Japanese artist and printmaker of the mid-Edo period. Born in Kyoto, Jakuchu was the son of a wealthy merchant. His paintings were mostly derived from nature and from examining Chinese paintings at temples. It is likely that he studied with Ōoka Shunboku, an Osaka-based artist also known for his bird and flower paintings. Many of his paintings are of traditionally Japanese subjects, such as birds and botanicals.
Framing mounted
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