Bishoprick of Durham

Method Copper engraved
Artist Van Langeren, Jacob
Published [c.1635]
Dimensions 107 x 106 mm
Notes A very scarce map of Durham, with a distance chart, from 'A Direction for the English Traviller'. This early state of the map is prior to the completion of the map that is later featured in the lower right corner.

Van Langeren's 'A Direction for the English Traviller' was first published in 1635, and was the first pocket-sized road atlas. The left hand upper diagonal half of each map plate is occupied by a triangular table of distances copied from John Norden's 'England and Intended Guide, for English Travellers' published in 1625. The signature of Jacob van Langeren appears on the title page of the work and he is credited with the engraving of the maps. Van Langeren is not recorded as having visited England - the plates for the English Traviller therefore were presumably engraved by him in his home town of Brussels. It is likely that Van Langeren's original thumbnail county maps were influenced by William Bowes' series of playing card maps that were published in 1590.

Condition: Overall toning to sheet, with light acid mark outside of map. Printer's crease to lower left, stretching into chart.
Framing mounted
Price £120.00
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