Beauty Hinazuru

Method Woodblock (nishiki-e)
Artist Eishōsai Chōki [Momokawa Chōki] (c.1750-1808)
Published c. 1790
Dimensions Vertical Hashire-e [~4.5 x 28 inches]
Notes Artist Signature: Choki
Censor's seal: Kiwame

A beautiful early printing of the Courtesan Hinazuru of Choshi-Ya. The Courtesan is depicted in a full length Kimono featuring a classic Japanese Orizuru paper crane design with the lower half of her Kimono featuring an intricate peony design. Her hair is up in an elaborate bun held in place with several pins.

Eishōsai Chōki, also known as Momokawa Chōki, was an artist and woodblock designer of ukiyo-e style Japanese prints. He was active from about 1786 to 1808. He, along with Utamaro, was a pupil of Toriyama Sekien (1712–1788). Chōki is best known for his pictures of courtesan women, often with detailed and atmospheric backgrounds.

Condition: Backed onto Japanese paper, light creasing to sheet, some surface dirt.
Framing framed
Price £1,700.00
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