Aula St. Edmundi [St. Edmund Hall]

Method Copper engraving
Artist David Loggan
Published [Oxford, 1675]
Dimensions Image 217 x 342 mm, Plate 243 x 346 mm, Sheet 322 x 456 mm
Notes A view of St Edmund Hall from the first edition of 'Oxonia Illustrata' published in 1675.

Oxonia Illustrata was the first illustrated book on Oxford and one of the major works of the 17th century. The book was the product of several years of devoted and conscientious effort in which Loggan was assisted by his pupil Robert White. David Loggan was born in Danzig in 1635 and came to England around 1653. By 1665 he was living in Nuffield near Oxford and in 1669 was appointed engraver to the University. In 1675 he married and became a naturalised citizen. His Oxonia Illustrata was intended as a companion work to Historia Antiquitates Universitatis Oxoniensis by Anthony Woods, with whom Loggan had become acquainted some years earlier.

Condition: Pressed vertical centre fold, as issued. Light toning from previous mount.
Framing mounted
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