Asiae Pars Potissima

Method Copper engraved
Artist Scherer, Heinrich
Published [Munich, c.1700]
Dimensions 232 x 182 mm
Notes A finely engraved early eighteenth century map of Central Asia, from Heinrich Scherer's Atlas Novus. The landmass is shown on an interesting isometric projection from the north, so that the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator run in large arcs across the map. The centre of the map is effectively the Caspian Sea, and runs the full latitude of Russia, from Scandinavia in the West to the coasts of Tartary and Mongolia in the East. The bottom half of the map prominently displays the Arabian peninsula and the Indian subcontinent.

Heinrich Scherer (1628-1704) was a German cartographer, geographer, engraver, and publisher. A Professor of mathematics at Munich University, Scherer was also a devout Catholic, a facet of his life that is immediately apparent in his published works. His most famous publication was the Atlas Novus, an eight volume atlas produced between 1698 and 1710, which featured 187 plates depicting all of the known world, with particular reference to the activity of the Jesuit Order and the spread of Christianity around the world.

Condition: Trimmed close to plate on left margin, not affecting map.
Framing unmounted
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