Arabia, Egypt, Nubia & Abyssinia

Method Chromolithograph
Artist Letts, Son & Co.
Published Letts, Son & Co. Limited, London. [33 King William Street, London Bridge, E.C. 1883]
Dimensions 340 x 400 mm
Notes A detailed late nineteenth century colour printed map of the Arabian peninsula, from the 1883 edition of Letts's Popular Atlas. The map shows the various kingdoms, nations, and tribal territories of the region, the borders of each outlined in colour. The territorial concerns of the colonial powers are also shown, with red lines under British possessions, blue for France, and Green for Italy. The locations of British consuls and Consular Agents are marked as red crosses and circles respectively, and lighthouses are marked as yellow circles. Three boxed panels of text provide a key to the map, key imports and exports, and their values and origins.

The map includes, the now major cities, Doha (Bidah) in Qatar, as well as Abu Dhabi (Abouthubi) and Dubai (Deba) in modern-day United Arab Emirates.

Thomas Letts (1803 - 1873) was a British printer and stationer, best known for popularising the diary. In 1870, Letts and his son Charles founded 'Letts, Son & Co.' expanding their printing business to include the Letts's Popular Atlas, as well as a variety of logbooks, calendars, ledgers, calendars, and dairies of both specialist and generalist type.

Condition: Central vertical fold, as issued. Minor time toning to edges of sheet and to central fold. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
Price £150.00
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