An eagle, Eastindia Flying Catt, Cafuaris, Dodaers, Kaketoe, Hunters bird

Method Copper engraving
Artist [Anonymous]
Published [London, 1704]
Dimensions Image 125 x 157 mm, Plate 128 x 162 mm, Sheet 330 x 203 mm
Notes An illustration of various exotic birds, including a plump Dodo along with a flying squirrel above, from 'The Effigies of Mr Nieuhoff' published in Churchill's 'A Collection of Voyages and Travels'.

Johan Nieuhof (1618-1672) was one of the most important and prolific Dutch travel writers of the seventeenth century. His travels, as part of expeditions led by the Dutch West and East Indies Companies took him to Brazil, the Philippines, China, Batavia, Ceylon, India, Madagascar, Mauritius, and many other parts of the Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish maritime empires. His lasting legacy is an account of an embassy to China, in which he took part on behalf of the VOC, and which became the basis for almost all subsequent European travel narratives about China and its customs, history, politics, and flora and fauna.

Condition: Full page, binding holes to right edge of the sheet. Minor time toning to edges of the sheet. English text above, below, and on verso.
Framing unmounted
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