Amerique Septentrionale

Method Copper engraved
Artist de Fer, Nicolas
Published Par N. De Fer. Liebaux Sculp. [Paris, c.1697]
Dimensions 135 x 165 mm
Notes A rare late seventeenth century French map of North America, engraved by Liebaux for de Fer's Petit et Nouveau Atlas. The map stretches from Greenland in the north to the northern coast of South America in the south. California is shown as an island, and labelled as such. The Great Lakes are partially mapped, though much of the interior detail of central and western Canada is absent. To the left of the Americas, the land of Ieso can be seen on one side of the Straits of Anian. In the top left corner of the plate, the title cartouche is flanked by a pair of figures with feathered crowns and headdresses.

Nicolas de Fer (c.1646-1720) was a leading French cartographer and publisher of maps. The youngest son of the Parisian printer and card publisher Antoine de Fer, he began training as an engraver at the age of twelve. After the death of his father in 1673, de Fer took over his publishing house. He published numerous atlases, and specialised in maps that included new borders and newly conquered territories, as well as maps of cities. In 1690 he became official geographer to the French Dauphin and published his first Atlas of the Coasts of France. Within the next thirty years he acquired additional royal support, becoming official geographer to the Spanish King (formerly the French Duke of Anjou) in 1702, and after the death of the Dauphin in 1711, official geographer to both Spanish and French kings, and in the final year of his life, Géographe ordinaire de sa Majesté Catholique.

Condition: Central vertical fold, as issued. Trimmed to borders of map on left and right, as issued. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
Price £300.00
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