Amerique Septentrionale

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Tardieu, Jean Baptiste after Giraldon
Published Grave par J.B. Tardieu, rue Poupee No. 9. Ecrit par Giraldon [c.1812]
Dimensions 276 x 232 mm
Notes A detailed early nineteenth century map of North America, encompassing modern day Mexico, the United States, and Canada, from the Atlas Supplementaire du Precis de la Geographie Universelle de M. Malte-Brun. The map, made some thirty years before the Mexican American War, shows the territory that is now the American states of California, Texas, and New Mexico as part of Mexico. Likewise, the territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase a decade before this the publication of this map is shown as part of the United States.

Jean-Baptiste Tardieu (1746-1816) was a prolific French map-maker, engraver, and publisher, chiefly known for his contributions to various late eighteenth and early nineteenth century atlases, particularly those by Malte-Brun and Lapie. Although unrelated, he is often confused with a number of other cartographic contemporaries also surnamed Tardieu, particularly the father and son team of Pierre-François and Ambroise.

Condition: Minor time-toning at edges of sheet. Small chip to bottom right corner, not affecting map.
Framing unmounted
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