Method Woodblock (nishiki-e)
Artist Sadayoshi
Published 1851
Dimensions Yatsugiri-ban (3.75 x 5 in)
Notes Signature: Sadayoshi ga

A reduced copy of Andô Hiroshige's Akasaka Miyajiyama no koji: The Story of Miyajiyama from the series Tôkaidô gojûsan tsui: Fifty-three Pairings for the Tôkaidô Road. The series series was jointly designed by Hiroshige, Kunisada, and Kuniyoshi.

Sadayoshi (fl. 1837-53) was a printmaker and poet and a pupil of Kunisada Utagawa. It is known that Sadayoshi worked in Osaka where the Utagawa School of printmakers were partly based. The style of the woodblock prints by Sadayoshi that we have seen so far, is quite typical for the Utagawa School.

Condition: Binding holes to left margin.
Framing mounted
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