[Addison's Lion]

Method Copper engraving
Artist Henry Mutlow
Published H. Mutlow, sculpt. 3, York St. Covt. Gardn. [n.d. c. 1825]
Dimensions Image 130 x 90 mm, Plate 277 x 227 mm, Sheet 452 x 285 mm
Notes A proof of an illustration on india laid paper of John Addison's Lion done for Charles Richardson's Notice and extracts relating to the Lion's Head, which was erected at Button's Coffee-House, in the year 1713. With the inscription:

Servantur Magnis
isti Cervicibus Ungues
Non Nisi Delectâ Pascitur Ille Ferâ.

which translates, "These claws are saved for noble necks. He feast only upon the beast of his choosing."

The carved wooden lion was the mouth of a post box installed by John Addison at Button's Coffee House in 1713 to advertise and facilitate anonymous submissions to his paper The Guardian. A person would put their submission into the mouth of the lion and it would drop into the post box inside the coffee house. The original carving is now located at Woburn Abbey and forms part of the Duke of Bedford's collection. He acquired it in 1837.

Henry Mutlow (c. 1756-1826) was an English engraver born in Clerkenwell. He worked in London in Covent Garden and specialised in engraving banknotes and maps.
Framing unmounted
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