A View from Trinity College, Cambridge. [William Lort Mansel]

Method Etching with original hand colouring
Artist Robert Dighton
Published Pub.d Jany, 10th, 1810, by Dighton. 6, Char.g Cross.
Dimensions Image 250 x 200 mm, Pl. 270 x 200 mm
Notes William Lort Mansel (1753-1820) became Master of Trinity College, Cambridge in 1798 and was appointed Bishop of Bristol in 1808.

Robert Dighton (1752 - 1814) was an English draughstman and printmaker. He was the son of the art dealer John Dighton , and father of the artists Robert junior, Denis and Richard. Dighton was especially well known for his satirical prints, which he initially supplied to Carington Bowles and Haines. Later plates he etched, published and sold himself. Dighton infamously stole prints from the British Museum to stock his shop in Charing Cross. When this was discovered in 1806, Dighton escaped prosecution, but was forced to lie low in Oxford until the scandal died down. While there, he produced a series of satirical portraits of academics and country gentlemen. The series was continued in Bath and Cambridge.

Condition: 'Bishop of Bristol' written in faded brown ink beneath title.
Framing unmounted
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