A Perspective View of the Inside of the Library, through three of the great Arches, Shewing the Bookcases and Desks

Method Copper engraving
Artist Peter Fourdrinier after James Gibbs
Published [c. 1720]
Dimensions Image 182 x 137 mm, Plate 202 x 352 mm, Sheet 282 x 432 mm
Notes A rare engraving of the interior of the Radcliffe Camera from James Gibbs' Bibliotheca Radcliviana: or, a Short Description of the Radcliffe Library, at Oxford, Containing Is Several Plans, Uprights, Sections, and Ornaments, On Twenty three copper Plates, neatly engraved, With the Explanation of each Plate .

James Gibbs (1682 - 1754) was a British architect. Born in Aberdeen, Gibbs travelled extensively as a young man. In Italy he trained as an architect under Carlo Fontana. In London, he was responsible for the church of St. Mary-le-Strand, and the rebuilding of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. In Oxford, he was responsible for the Radcliffe Camera; the completion of the interior of Codrington Library, All Souls; and a new screen in the Hall of St John's. He was elected a member of the Society of Antiquaries in London in 1726 and fellow of the Royal Society in 1729. He published 'A Book of Architecture' (1728); 'Rules for Drawings the Several Parts of Architecture' (1732); and 'Biblioteca Radcliviana' (1747).

Peter Fourdrinier (d.1750) was an eighteenth-century French engraver. Part of a refugee family who fled from Caen to Holland, Fourdrinier was a pupil of Bernard Picart in Amsterdam for six years. He moved to England in 1720 where he was employed to engrave portraits and book illustrations. He is best known for his architectural engravings, to which his mechanical style was well suited. He engraved plates for Cashel's 'Villas of the Ancients', Ware's 'Views and Elevations of Houghton House, Norfolk' (1735), Sir W. Chambers's 'Civil Architecture' (1759), Wood's 'Ruins of Palmyra' (1753) and others from the designs of Inigo Jones, W. Kent, and other architects. He also engraved the illustrations to Spenser's 'Calendarium Pastorale' (London, 1732, 8vo).

Condition: Slight dirt built-up to edges of the sheet, not affecting image.
Framing mounted
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