A Perspective View of Queens, University, and All Souls Colleges in Oxford

Method Copper engraving
Artist after John Donowell
Published Engraved for the Universal Magazine for J. Hinton in Newgate Street [London, c.1760]
Dimensions Image 152 x 260 mm, Plate 172 x 278 mm, Sheet 201 x 285 mm
Notes A perspective view of the High Street, including St Mary's Church, All Souls, University and Queen's Colleges, originally printed for John Hinton's Universal Magazine shortly after the publication of Donowell's original 1755 view. Numerous examples of this same plate are known, from a number of different late eighteenth century publications. Later editions add 'St Mary's Church' to the list of buildings in the inscription, like those published by John Cook in 1772 for Nathaniel Spencer's The Complete English Traveller, or A new survey and description of England and Wales published by J. Cook in 1772. This later edition was also reprinted in The Modern Universal British Traveller, for the same publisher in several editions between 1779 and the early 1790s.

John Donowell (1753 - 1786) was an eighteenth-century British architect and engraver, most notable for his architectural work at West Wycombe Park in Buckinghamshire, where he appears to have been influenced by the works of Colen Campbell. Alongside Thomas Sandby and Thomas Malton, Donowell was considered to be one of the principal architect-draughtsmen in the third quarter of the eighteenth-century. He drew a number of topographical drawings, mostly views of London. His work was exhibited at the Royal Academy in the 1770's and 1780's, and was also published as prints during this period.

John Hinton (fl.1747-1779) was an English engraver, printer, and publisher, best known as the general editor and publisher of the Universal Magazine and its various supplements. The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure was published in London by Hinton, and later William Bent, on a monthly basis between 1747 and 1814. It collected together entries and numerous illustrations on a diverse range of topics, including history, geography, mathematics, philosophy, poetry, gardening, natural history, medicine, and biography.

The Complete English Traveller was a monumental work. The book was the outcome of a general survey of England, and divided entries under the categories of General, Natural, Local, Biographical, and Miscellanous. Entries were augmented with copious engraved plates, including up to date maps, views of cities, towns, and landmarks, as well as plates of natural history, cultural history, and atmospheric phenomena.

Condition: Vertical folds as issued. Trimmed to plate mark on left margin, not affecting image.
Framing mounted
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