A Map of South America with all the European Settlements & whatever else is remarkable from the latest & best Observations

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Seale, Richard William
Published R. W. Seale delin. et. sculp. [London, c.1730]
Dimensions 465 x 370 mm
Notes A detailed eighteenth century map of south America, engraved to accompany Nicolas Tindal's translation and continuation of the landmark Histoire d'Angleterre by Paul de Rapin. The colonial divisions of the continent are outlined in hand colour, and rivers and mountain ranges are marked pictorially. Reefs and sandbars are marked, as are the directions of Trade Winds, and a simple compass is included in the waters of the Atlantic. In the centre of the continent, in the Amazon, a note explains that 'This Country and its Inhabitants are very little known.' In the bottom right of the map, a large baroque cartouche encloses the title.

Richard William Seale (1703-1762) was a London-based engraver, mapmaker, and draughtsman. He is best known for producing maps of London and the English Counties for Henry Overton, as well as numerous maps for the English translations of Paul de Rapin's Histoire d'Angleterre.

Paul de Rapin de Thoyras (1661-1725) was a French author, and one of the foremost proponents of Whig history of the early eighteenth century. His Histoire d'Angleterre, though written in French, featured as its dedication an address to George I of England. The ten volume work covered British history from the time of the Ancient Britons to the reign of William and Mary.

The Reverend Nicolas Tindal (1687-1774) was an English clergyman and fellow of Trinity College Oxford, and the nephew of the influential deist Matthew Tindal. He is best remembered as the translator of de Rapin's Histoire d'Angleterre, to which he added a continuation covering the history of the Kingdom from the reign of James II to that of George II.

Condition: Central horizontal fold, as issued. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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