A Fish Market, The Game Market, A Herb Market, A Fruit Market

Method Mezzotint
Artist Richard Earlom after George Farington and Frans Snyders
Published John Boydell excudit 1782. / Publish'd June 1st 1782 by John Boydell Engraver in Cheapside London.
John Boydell excudit 1783. / Publish'd June 2nd 1783, by John Boydell Engraver in Cheapside London.
John Boydell excudit / Publish'd November.13.1799, by J. Boydell Engraver, Cheapside London.
Published March 25th.1775 by John Boydell Engraver in Cheapside London
Dimensions Image 355 x 575 mm, Plate 415 x 576 mm, Sheet 500 x 672 mm
Notes A fine set of proof impressions before letters and cleaning of inscription spaces.

From the 'Houghton Gallery' series (1774-88), 162 prints after paintings in Robert Walpole's collection, sold in 1779 to Catherine the Great.

Richard Earlom (1743-1822) was a British painter, draughtsman and printmaker. He was born in London, and was apprenticed to Giovanni Battista Cipriani, after he was discovered making sketches of the Lord Mayor's coach. This natural faculty for art manifested throughout Earlom's career, and he is believed to have taught himself the technique of mezzotint. In 1765, Earlom went to work for Jonathan Boydell, who commissioned the artist to produce a large series of works from Sir Robert Walpole's collection at Houghton Hall. His works after van Huysum, as well as the still-life painter Jan van Os, are widely recognised as his most striking.

George Farington (1752-1788) was a British history painter and draughtsman. Born in Warrington in 1752, he was the younger brother and pupil of the landscape painter Joseph Farington. He then became a pupil of Benjamin West and entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1770. Farington obtained the silver medal in 1779, and in 1780 won the gold medal for the best historical picture, the subject being 'The Caldron Scene from Macbeth'. For John Boydell, Farington made several drawings from the Houghton collection. In 1782 he worked in India. He fell ill whilst making studies for a grand picture of the court of the Nawab of Murshidabad, and died there a few days later in 1788.

Frans Snyders or Snijders (1579-1657) was a Flemish painter of animals and still lifes. Born in Antwerp, he was a student of Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1593), and Hendrick van Balen, the first master of Van Dyck. He became a master of the Antwerp painters guild in 1602. Between 1608 and 1609 he travelled around Italy, where he worked for Cardinal Borromeo in Milan. In 1611 he married Margaretha, the sister of Cornelis and Paul de Vos. He was principal painter to the Archduke Albert of Austria, governor of the Low Countries. One of his hunting scenes was presented by Albert to Philip III of Spain, who then commissioned further works from Snyders. He also worked for Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria. His followers included Nicasius Bernaerts, Juriaen Jacobsze, Jan Roos I, Jan Fyt and Paul de Vos. Jan Fyt became his assistant from 1629.

A Fish Market:
Chaloner Smith unrecorded, Le Blanc unrecorded, Lennox-Boyd ii/ii, Wessely 112
Condition: Mark and small tear to right margin of sheet, not affecting image. Stain in lower right corner of sheet.

The Game Market:
Chaloner Smith unrecorded, Le Blanc unrecorded, Lennox-Boyd iii/iv, Wessely 109
Condition: Small tears around edges of sheet. Larger tears in left, right and lower margins. Cross-shaped scratch in upper left corner of image.

A Herb Market:
Chaloner Smith undescribed, Le Blanc undescribed, Lennox-Boyd ii/iii, Rubinstein 13, Wessely 111
Condition: Small tears to upper and left edges of sheet. Mark to left margin. Tears in right and lower margins. Small marks to centre of image.

A Fruit Market:
Chaloner Smith undescribed, Lennox-Boyd i/ii, Rubinstein 12, Wessely 110
Condition: Small tears to edges of sheet. Larger tears in right and lower margins. Small mark in upper right corner.
Framing framed
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