1. Sacred Kingfisher 2. Garganey Male 3. Dodo

Method Copper engraving with hand colouring
Artist Sydenham Teast Edwards
Published Drawn from the Life by S. Edwards [c.1810]
Dimensions Image 180 x 110 mm, Plate 217 x 123 mm
Notes An illustrative plate of 3 species of exotic bird: the Sacred Kingfisher, Garganey, and Dodo. Each bird is labelled with its Latin taxonomic and a number, which corresponds with a key of common names below. The choice to depict these three species together is an odd one, as they hail from very different environments. The Garganey breeds in Europe and Western Asia, the kingfisher is native to Australasia, and the Dodo is limited to Mauritius, though the Garganey's migratory pattern brings it to both of these latter regions. The most likely reason for their depiction together is that all three were taxonomically described by the famous biologist Carl Linnaeus, and the artist, Edwards, was a Fellow of the Linnean Society.

Sydenham Teast Edwards (1768 - 8th February 1819) was a British artist, natural historian, and writer. Edwards is most famous for his many botanical engravings, and had received training from the publisher William Curtis, editor of Curtis' Botanical Magazine. In addition to his botanical works, Edwards also produced engravings of birds and dogs for various encyclopaedias, and was a Fellow of the Linnean Society.

Condition: Trimmed within plate mark. Corners of sheet trimmed rounded. Old adhesive stain to bottom left corner of sheet. Time toning and minor staining to sheet.
Framing unmounted
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