1.-2. Helvella Gigas. (Trog.) 3.-5. Helvella Infula. (Schaeff.)

Method Chromolithograph
Artist H. Furrer after Fritz Leuba
Published Neuchatel: Delachaux & Niestlé S.A., Éditeurs. [1906]
Dimensions Image 280 x 188 mm, Sheet 346 x 248 mm
Notes From the second edition of Fritz Leuba's Les Champignons Comestibles et les Espèces Vénéneuses avec lesquelles ils Pourraient étre Confondus.

The rare publication features 52 decorative illustrations of mushrooms, with both edible (comestible - essbar) and poisonous (vénéneux - giftig) varieties depicted. Each plate features the Latin, French, and German names for the mushrooms, as well as whether they are edible or poisonous.
Framing unmounted
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